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Hello! I'm Emily and I work with brands large and small to build and produce exceptional content marketing programs.

GWS 4 Core Values

  What makes something Good with Style is simple. GOOD DESIGN No flashy logos. No senseless details. Just human-centered design and purposeful style. SOCIAL IMPACT I want to know that every step of the production process has a positive impact on people, planet, and wildlife. POINT OF VIEW The world doesn’t need more stuff. Most …

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It all started with weddings

The first socially responsible guide for the soon-to-be-married. Emily Anderson started writing about social good and conscious style in 2007 with her first book, Eco Chic Weddings. Emily’s books inspire people and brands to think a little differently about how to create a stylish lifestyle with a philosophy of sustainability and conscious consumerism.  Emily has a …

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How we live and what we buy matters

Good with Style founder Emily Anderson is an author, maker, yoga teacher and conscious consumer who shares how she connects mindfulness to her everyday life, especially when it comes to the brands, products, and lifestyle choices she makes. Emily spent 10 years in New York City working in fashion and design for iconic brands. In …

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For People on the verge of changing the world

You can use mindfulness to live every moment understanding that you are a force in the world, and you make things happen, even with that one small choice, like deciding to put that bottle in recycling instead of in the trash.

Design your best life with self-love

Joelle Nesen believes happiness at home might begin with interior design. She has a few suggestions about how to create the optimum design for your own om at home.

This Blog Is Not Perfect (But It Could Be)

No matter how great or how small, all living things are connected to one another. We are all connected. This a beautiful thing to realize. But in the day to day, we’re detached from this connection. I want Good with Style to be a bridge from here to there for people like me who care about …

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4 Nature-Loving Gift Ideas For A Better Present

  I think a lot of us feel the childlike awe at the untouched natural world. In America, we have an incredible National Parks System that is as important as our most defining characteristics as a nation. The Ken Burns documentary traces the beginnings of the National Park System that remains a vital part of …

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Places to Get Engaged: The High Line New York

Coming upon a colorful garden tucked between concrete realities is a delightful happening for this city dweller, especially with the humid overcast atmosphere of the past few days. These proud bursts of pinks, reds, purples, yellows and shades–existing only in nature–make me so happy. The effort of planting, pruning, and protecting the garden yields priceless …

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