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GWS 4 Core Values


What makes something Good with Style is simple.
No flashy logos. No senseless details. Just human-centered design and purposeful style.
I want to know that every step of the production process has a positive impact on people, planet, and wildlife.
The world doesn’t need more stuff. Most of us are well-beyond the basic hierarchies of need. I think whatever is produced should have something new and unique to add to the world, through the design, production, and marketing of whatever it may be.
Does the company truly care about us, do they add value to our lives? The age of transparency in business, marketing and advertising is here. I have no interest in buying something of poor quality, ordinary design, unethical production, and of no benefit to the world at large. I’m not going to settle for less when I don’t have to and neither should you.


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It all started with weddings

The first socially responsible guide for the soon-to-be-married.

Emily Anderson started writing about social good and conscious style in 2007 with her first book, Eco Chic Weddings. Emily’s books inspire people and brands to think a little differently about how to create a stylish lifestyle with a philosophy of sustainability and conscious consumerism.  Emily has a community of industry insiders, press, brand leaders, and consumers–all of whom are interested in making a positive impact on the world.
Excerpt from Eco Chic Weddings:
Books and magazines encourage us to create special, unique events for our families and friends. Indeed, for many people, planning a wedding can be one of the most creative, exciting projects in their lives. Choosing the colors, the dress, the flowers–this is a lot of fun, and it isn’t something most of us get to do on a regular basis.
While the wedding business has become such a prevalent part of today’s marketplace, there has also been another consumer-trend taking place–the eco-friendly, sustainable movement. With the popularity of the “green” movement, every day we see more and more options and ideas that are environmentally and socially conscious, ideas with style and integrity.
Planning your wedding is a great time to make the decision to be more sustainable–the decisions you make now can continue into your married life, when and if you become parents, and so on. I see this moment in your life as the ideal time to take a critical look at your purchasing choices, where your dollars are going, and your impact on the world. My goal is to help you lay a solid groundwork for your future by guiding you through the wedding planning process. I want to answer two very important questions: WHY should you be sustainable?  HOW can you be a conscious consumer?

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How we live and what we buy matters



Good with Style founder Emily Anderson is an author, maker, yoga teacher and conscious consumer who shares how she connects mindfulness to her everyday life, especially when it comes to the brands, products, and lifestyle choices she makes.
Emily spent 10 years in New York City working in fashion and design for iconic brands. In 2007 Emily left her corporate career and began writing about social good and ethical brands. She is the author of several books, including Eco Chic Weddings and Eco Chic Home. Emily’s work has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, New York Magazine, HGTV, Martha Stewart Radio, NPR, and more.

Emily is the founder of Brilliant Brand Kit, a boutique digital media agency specializing in content strategy and purpose-driven marketing. Emily works with innovative marketers and creative entrepreneurs to produce engaging content and authentic brand narratives.

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Together we can change the world…

Good with Style sits at the intersection of social good and stylish living.

Good with Style is a more than just a blog or book series–it’s the next wave in consumer empowerment. 

I believe that you can have it all–the look and the style that you want while making better choices about where you spend your money. I believe that brands and people together can make the world a better place.

Emily Anderson, Founder of Good with Style 


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For People on the verge of changing the world

Why Good With Style?

Hello! I’m Emily Anderson and I am a sustainable style advocate, author, mom, maker, and yoga teacher.

A few years ago, I left my job at Martha Stewart to write my first book, Eco Chic Weddings and then Eco Chic Home. Both books are about more than just being eco-friendly–they are filled with easy ways we can all be a little more mindful of what we do everyday as consumers. Now, with technology becoming such a significant factor in all of our lives, we need to be intentional about decisions such as what we eat, where our clothes come from, and how each of us impacts the world, the environment, society, other people, and ourselves. We are all connected, and each one of us is powerful in our own ability to be a force for good.
Read more:
Mindfulness is a practice that helps bridge this gap between knowing we are connected, and seeing that connection everyday. You can use mindfulness to live every moment understanding that you are a force in the world, and you make things happen, even with that one small choice, like deciding to put that bottle in recycling instead of in the trash.
Excerpt from my book Eco Chic Home, available here.

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Design your best life with self-love


According to designer Joelle Nesen, “there are no rules” when it comes to interior design, but everyone can use a few tips and tricks. Nesen is the founder of Maison, a Portland-based design firm. Nesen believes happiness at home might begin with interior design. She has a few suggestions about how to create the optimum design for your own om at home.


  1. Space planning is always the first step. According to the American Institute of Architects, space planning includes blocking out interior spatial areas, defining circulation patterns, and developing plans for furniture layout and equipment placement. So begin with understanding the functional “personality” of your space.  This will help you understand what elements you can accentuate and how you can reduce the friction from the “bad” elements.


  1. Think less, not more. Instead of trying to buy your way out of a bad spot, try working with what you have and removing as much extra stuff as possible. Reorganizing what you have is always cheaper than adding on, and this is what a good designer will tell you.


  1. Establish an idea board, fill it with inspiration, and then use it to narrow down exactly what you want. Think of your idea board as the beginning of a story you’re going to write–except you’re using visual elements to tell the story.
  2. Be true to yourself. Don’t design a room that looks like it belongs to someone else. Infusing your home with who you are is an act of self-love.

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This Blog Is Not Perfect (But It Could Be)

No matter how great or how small, all living things are connected to one another. We are all connected. This a beautiful thing to realize. But in the day to day, we’re detached from this connection. I want Good with Style to be a bridge from here to there for people like me who care about the world, people, nature, but also love good design and stylish things. This is not a shopping guide, although I do share some of my finds and favorites. I’d like to think this will become a large community of people who have the best intentions in mind and just need a little encouragement to make good things happen.

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4 Nature-Loving Gift Ideas For A Better Present


I think a lot of us feel the childlike awe at the untouched natural world. In America, we have an incredible National Parks System that is as important as our most defining characteristics as a nation. The Ken Burns documentary traces the beginnings of the National Park System that remains a vital part of life for so many of us.
You might not think this is true, but your wedding is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with nature, even if you aren’t having an outdoor wedding. Actually, outdoor weddings can sometimes take a toll on the natural environment unless precautions are made, and the party is mindful of their impact. The Nature Conservancy has the Adopt An Acre program that gives you a tangible way to help ensure that nature’s most vulnerable lands and waters are given the care, the love and the protection that they need. There are multiple ways you can connect with The Nature Conservancy for your wedding, take a look at some of their programs here:


Coral reefs are hard workers, giving so much to our natural world — from vital habitat for marine life to sheer beauty and brilliance. They also provide coastal protection from ocean waves and reduce risk from storms. But coral reefs are in serious decline and in dire need of protection and restoration.

A Coral Nursery Gift

Help regrow coral in innovative underwater nurseries and protect other vital habitats.

Click Here

The Central Appalachians are so spectacular, with dense forests, rocky overlooks, and an astonishing array of wildlife like the saw-whet owl and northern flying squirrel. But industry and development have been dramatically shrinking the iconic red spruce forests here, putting wildlife at risk. We can’t afford to lose more of this natural treasure.
A mother sea turtle will often travel more than 1,000 miles to find a safe nesting beach to lay her eggs. Two months later, the baby turtles emerge at night and crawl by moonlight out to sea. But today sea turtle nesting beaches are in grave danger from development and sea level rise. With their beaches rapidly disappearing, the green, loggerhead, leatherback and hawksbill sea turtles are now all critically endangered.
Give a loved one a Sea Turtle Nest to help preserve safe places for weary sea turtle mothers and protect other vital habitats.
The Northern Sierra boasts dramatic mountains, clear waters, dewy meadows and an abundance of wildlife. Bald eagles soar high above the cool lakes and streams that provide vital fresh water for the wildlife and people who call this place home. Unfortunately, this region is in dire need of conservation action. Its meadows, mountains and forests largely lack any state or federal environmental protection, putting them at serious risk of development.
Give a loved one the gift of a Mountain Meadow to share the beauty of this dramatic landscape. Your symbolic donation helps restore threatened places like the Northern Sierra and protect other vital habitats.




Buy Emily’s Books

Get even more great ideas about mindful and sustainable style

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Places to Get Engaged: The High Line New York


Coming upon a colorful garden tucked between concrete realities is a delightful happening for this city dweller, especially with the humid overcast atmosphere of the past few days. These proud bursts of pinks, reds, purples, yellows and shades–existing only in nature–make me so happy. The effort of planting, pruning, and protecting the garden yields priceless treasures that are easy to overlook, but not for me.
High Line NYC.

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The 6-Part Process to Being a Better Global Citizen


Good With Style isn’t about buying your way to being a better person, and my Eco-Chic books aren’t just about being eco-friendly.

My message is about practicing conscious consumerism, mindful living, and making educated decisions when it comes to buying your clothes, choosing your food, going on vacation, purchasing home decor, and living your life. It’s about following the righteous path, the kinder path, and avoiding what Siddhartha calls “the false path.”

But most of all, it’s about feeling better about ourselves because we know that we’re making choices that aren’t just good for the world, but are good for ourselves.

There is an easier and gentler way to live in this consumer world–and being conscious of what you spend your money and time on can have positive results for your life and your emotional well-being.

In this crazy time, we need to be more mindful about our motives, are we buying things to fit in, to feel better, or because we’re just following the rules of the game? Believe me I am far from perfect when it comes to frugal living, but that really is the goal. Thanks for being open to new ways to live.
Here are 6 ways to make your impact more positive:

  1. ENERGY SAVINGS LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology, and has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting in the United States. Residential LEDs — especially ENERGY STAR rated products — use at least 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting. Widespread use of LED lighting has the greatest potential impact on energy savings in the United States. By 2027, widespread use of LEDs could save about 348 TWh (compared to no LED use) of electricity: This is the equivalent annual electrical output of 44 large electric power plants (1000 megawatts each), and a total savings of more than $30 billion at today’s electricity prices. source:
  2. SMILE MORE. Maya Angelou said “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Sometimes a smile can literally turn a frown of a day upside down.
  3. SAVE YOUR PENNIES. allows individuals to clean up their financial life by identifying wasteful spending (subscriptions you don’t remember you signed-up for). And we all know what an “impulse buy” is an how they can chip away at our emotional well-being–Clarity can help you record “impulse saves” (deciding not to buy those shoes, drinking home-brewed coffee), and even share with a savings partner to create a virtuous circle. Recently acquired by Goldman Sachs, Clarity is still a standalone app for now.
  4. RIDE YOUR BIKE. Despite gas prices rising by up to 20% from last year, 36.6 million Americans will take a road trip this Memorial Day weekend. Sometimes only a car will do, but more often than not we can easily get around our day on our bicycle. You can take that money you save from not filling up the tank and send it to a worthy cause like World Bicycle Relief. When you provide a bicycle to someone in need, it is empowering in ways that amplify over time. It gives people the chance to make make choices. And over time, bicycles can enrich the lives of children, households and entire communities.
  5. EAT BETTER FOOD. From pick-your-own berry patches to CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) to local farms in your area, fresh, in-season, organic, sustainable food is just a click away. Also, you can look for local co-ops that you didn’t even know existed before like this one.
  6. MEDITATE. Yeah, I know, you thought meditation was just for the person doing it. It’s actually a powerful way to send your energy into the world–we are powerful beyond our wildest imagination, and when you give your body and mind time and space to gather, the energy you send to the world is something everyone around you will feel and respond to. Think of it like the ripple effect–your positive vibes radiate to every person you encounter on any given day–let’s say that’s 50 people. Or even 10 people. Then those people potentially send positive energy to the world. See how powerful you are?


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