Sometimes, I feel like I am alone. For years, I’ve been in a sort of no-man’s land between mainstream and the green-stream. As a trend consultant, my message to brands is always the same: the consumer only cares about your product if they like it–then they will take into consideration the green-ness of it. If it’s ugly, poorly-packaged, ill-fitting–forget it. This is the hurdle most green companies need to get over. As another Fashion Week comes to the streets of New York, I find myself still waiting for the light bulb moment where a green approach is also a well-designed, marketable product (I know there are some–but far too few). Eco Salon has an excellent take on this discussion.

One thought on “Why Being Green Is Not Enough To Change The World

  1. Hey Emily, I’m also a lover of good design and sustainability, and I have a question for you.
    I was wandering through a dessous shop today, leafing through cheapish frilly underwear, and thought about getting something to surprise my boyfriend with (afterall, it’s Valentinsday, right..?). -However, my conscience got to me, and I realized I didn’t want to wear something that intimate which had probably been produced under inhuman conditions. So here is the question: Do you happen to know of any dessous label that is eco-friendly and fair-trade? Thanks!

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