(Updated Feb 2018)
Why not harness the power of technology to increase the odds of making healthy choices? You probably already know this, but, I’m not the only one feeling tech-love for good for you apps. Researchers have come to the obvious conclusion that technology is one of the main drivers of people making good living choices. I’ve put a list together of 5 current faves that help me live a life that’s good with style.

1. MyFitnessPal
My trainer (shout out to @doothemovement) in NYC got me using this app and I can really say it helped me get on the road to better fitness. I haven’t been using it  as much as I used to, but I think I’ll pick it up again.
2. SeafoodWatch
This app is brought to you by Monterey Bay Aquarium and made an appearance in at least one of my books. It uses GPS to tell you exactly what seafood is best for your specific location based on season and sustainable factors. It also lets you know about the best options with lowest contamination—like mercury and PCBs.
3. Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide and 4. True Food
I know we can’t all buy Organic and local food all of the time—hey, sometimes getting that bottle of milk to the baby is more important than if it happens to be grass fed. Both of these apps make it infinitely easier to make the best choice—even if it isn’t organic. Both will tell you exactly which brands and products are certified GMO free. True Food takes it to the next level and lets you get into action by sending your congressman letters, and gives you access to all of the most current research and knowledgeable to take with you everywhere you go.
4. Food Tripping
This helps you find healthy food stores, markets, cafes and more. This is another crowd-sharing app which gives you real information from real people in real time. Food Tripping, the GPS-based app, is a collaboration of SHFT.com and Ford Motor Company in a partnership dedicated to helping conscious consumers find better options. Here’s a rundown of it’s offerings:
Discover healthy, sustainable food options near you or in the place you’re traveling to.
• Search by location, name, popularity, and category.
• Track the places you’ve been to and mark your favorite spots to come back later.
• View contact details for each location.
• Suggest new businesses offering healthy, local, sustainable fare.
•  Share the places you discover with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email.
• You can also connect with the developers at SHFT to learn more about living a conscious lifestyle.
I hope you like these apps—I know there are millions of options out there, but these are five I think have good information, are easy to use, and give you exactly what you need to fine tune your healthy living goals for 2015.
*The original images featured here  were found on the site Pot Pan Knife by Made By Girl’s Jen Ramos. Jen and her husband were trying to fund their adoption and I wanted to feature her here during this time of thankfulness. You can see their campaign to learn more and consider helping others make their dream of a family a reality. Happy Thanksgiving to you my lovely readers and friends.